Anton Psak

“Art is a continual progress in which I have found myself”

Based in the United Kingdom, where he currently works and lives , Anton Psak is a fine artist with a contemporary and modern approach; exploring different styles with at truly kaleidoscopic mind-set and a systematic attention for details that extend far over the boundaries of the visual medium, diving into the psychoanalytical and intellectual characteristics of his body of work.

Anton left his native Ruskovce – a small village in Slovakia where he was born on the 23rd of May, in 1979 – for England, in order to pursue his passion and to focus on related studies to master fine arts.

Anton is a versatile artist whose extensive portfolio stays true to his ideals of art as a continual, ever-evolving process. His artworks feature items within areas as diverse as painting, musical album covers, portraits and much more.

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CD's Covers

Winning artworks of the UHRecordings Prize 2009, printed as CD cover.
To get a better sense of Anton’s work-frame and stylistic concept, it’s necessary to explore his background, as well as his mind-set and approach.

Although his artworks are diverse and retain a rather experimental edge, Anton’s output is greatly inspired by the “lesson learned” from experiencing the influential works of fellow artists the likes of Nigel Cooke and Gerhard Richter.

Anton is an artist who takes on the visual medium with a very personal mind-set, not simply perpetrating a merely aesthetic quest with his works, but first and foremost, focusing on what can only comfortably described as the psychoanalytical point of view that fuels the very essence of a specific artwork.

Any artistic medium is not just an aesthetical object per se, nor it is simply a design product with a specific function. In this particular case, the main “functional” purpose of a painting is not simply to decorate a room or to showcase a particular subject, but it’s about sharing a particular point of view; the artist’s point of view, who shapes the images and subject according to a very singular angle, fuelled by life experiences and personal sensibilities alike.

Art is a very subjective matter and Anton’s work is no exception: his paintings offer an insightful perspective on his personal perception of existence, according to the artists’ very own and unique life set of life experiences.

Although very personal in nature, Anton’s work is highly relatable because of the characteristics of the content. His output is chockfull of metaphors, symbols and allegories that shape the conceptual direction of each artwork and offers a medium that the viewer can use to interpret and relate to each piece.

As mentioned before, Anton’s body of work is rather eclectic, and as an artist, he often dares to take chances and explore new territories, although oil on canvas can be undoubtedly regarded as his favourite painting technique. This particular format has been explored by Anton extensively, and this familiarity allows him to be fully focused on the most analytical and contextual aspect of his paintings, as well as experimenting with a really wide range of different textures, techniques, colours, approaches and genres. On top of it all, Anton stresses on the important role that the inner psychoanalytical qualities within the visual medium plays within his own paintings and works.

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