Gerhard Richter – John Martin: Tate Visit

Gerhard Richter – John Martin: Tate Visit

A few days ego I went to see an exhibition of Richter and Martin with a friend. I was thankful for his company as he is himself a painter and I really appreciate his knowledge.

Richter is one of my favourite painters; I have closely studied his life and work over the last few years. More enjoyable than his artistic qualities are for me the psychoanalytical analysis of his works done during the timeline of his life. Many of his early photo paintings could be considered as meditations on photography, memory and loss. Uncle Rudi, Aunt Marianne, his family and friends these are not meaningless or trivial.

After few hours in Tate modern we headed for exhibition to Tate Britain to see John Martin Apocalypse Exhibition.

I needed some time to digest everything that my eye and brain had absorbed that day. Someone wouldn’t believe that I could have an almost sleepless night following this. I believe if I want to succeed as an artist I need to understand the pattern of thinking of other great artists. I also need to be aware of being misled by my own knowledge and personal interests – by my own pattern of thinking. Simply, I need to be open and see and feel as much as I can. Someone could say: everything that I can get from this approach is a goal of somebody else but not mine. Everything that I can say is: all the goals we all have are built on ‘boxes’ from somebody else’s ‘imagination’, we all, more or less, accept them for our own. When we add a little twist of our own genius we can see connections in it that nobody else could. And if we are gifted enough, then the more connections we can see, the thirst for the spirit of creativity is more likely in play for those people to achieve something remarkable.

When I saw Martin’s paintings I had to think about currency, a hot topic for MA Fine Art students. For some reason I didn’t recall that when I saw Richter paintings, probably because of timescale. When I had a look at some close up, it was astonishing how current it was, as you can see some cut outs of Richter paintings and Martins paintings one couldn’t say which is which. Definitely there is a room for contemporary artist to learn from old masters.

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